Current Members

Our responsibilities as an association

Current Association Members

List of Members Website Address
AdBri Ltd

Alumtek Minerals Pty Ltd
BCRC Pty Ltd
BG&E MT Pty Ltd
BGC Cement
Boral Ltd
Cement Australia Pty Ltd
Covalent Lithium
HZI Australia Pty Ltd
Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd

Independent Cement & Lime Pty Ltd
Latrobe Magnesium
SA Premium Cement

Tianqi Lithium Kwinana

University of Technology Sydney

University of Western Australia 

Zeotech Limited 

Reciprocal Member
Australian Society for Concrete Pavements (ASCP)
Reciprocal Member
Natural Pozzolan Association of USA (NPA)
  • Meeting

    Meets four times each year to conduct its regular business

  • Membership

    Only elected full members can attend these meetings

  • Government

    To govern the organisation, rather than manage

  • Annual Plan

    To determine a plan which sets out policies & activities

  • Management

    Making decisions as proposed by management