SmartCrete CRC New Scoping Study Project

22nd July 2022

The recent SmartCrete CRC publication identified critical pathways into how the cement and concrete sector value chain are reducing their CO2 emissions and decarbonising by 2050. Building on from this comprehensive development, a SmartCrete CRC Preliminary Proposal has been confirmed to understand the current state of utilisation, including forecast production and availability of various supplementary cementitious materials (SCM), in order to continue to lower carbon opportunities for the Australian Cement and Concrete Sector. 

The recent contracting signing with Craig Heidrich, Executive Director of the Australasian Pozzolan Association, will see the report resourced through this association, depicting data, reports, and studies; with a proposed duration of 3 months. 

Evaluating the emerging new classes of manufactured pozzolans materials across the Australian construction materials supply chain will be of high regard in the report, addressing their fundamental contribution of reducing carbon concretes (LCC). Subsequently, with the increase of supplementary cementitious materials (SCM) and LCC concrete mix design alternatives in the manufacture of cement, a reduction of 10-15% of CO2 footprint can be achieved; hence this is a critical roadmap contributing to net zero target emissions by 2050. 

The report will detail the consideration of resource constraints and the strategies needed to increase productivity. For example; standards, specifications, guidelines, government assistance and research are required to fill knowledge gaps to build understanding and market confidence for various SCM sources. 

The components in the report will include; historical use, the resource, market potential, technology road map and pathways, research knowledge gaps, and conclusions.