Adbri's Road To Victory

Last week, APozA member Adbri released its Net Zero Emissions Roadmap that outlined the actions it will take to achieve its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. 

In a recent public announcement, the Managing Director and CEO of Adbri Limited, Nick Miller sat down with Rebecca Irwin, Chief Sustainability & People Officer, Adbri to discuss the roadmap. "Adbri's ultimate long-term goal is net-zero emissions by 2050. We want to produce lower carbon products that support Australia’s economy and the communities in which we operate," Mr Miller said. 

With a company centred around cement, some wonder how this will be possible. “We realise reducing admissions won’t be easy- we operate too emissions-intensive... Industrial products play a large role in our day-to-day lives and are essential to our built environment, but we have achievable goals to get us to net-zero," Mr Miller said. 

Going into further detail, Ms Irwin went on to say that the outlined goals are broken into sections, short-term and medium-term which are already in play. “Our operations are down 32% since 2010 and we have short and medium-term targets to ensure we reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Our short-term 2024 target includes a 7% absolute reduction in operational emissions by FY24 versus the FY19 baseline,” said Ms Irwin. Medium-term 2030 targets (these targets reflect their largest sources of emissions) include a 20% reduction in net cement emissions intensity, a 10% reduction in lime emissions intensity and 100% zero-emissions electricity supply,” she continued.

To avoid straying from the plan, actions included in the roadmap are centred and focused around three specific themes:

1. Reducing emissions

2. Creating new products 

3. Collaborating with key partners

The three themes are central to this roadmap to allow Adbri on the road to success.“Harnessing breakthrough technologies is a key part of our net-zero emissions goal,” said Mr Miller.

Changing company processes from the inside out takes a tremendous amount of effort for the whole Adbri team. Receiving support would, however, make it slightly easier. “We were the first Australian cement company to refuse derived fuel in our kiln as a partial gas substitute however, we cannot advance climate change action alone. Government policy, industry leadership breakthrough technologies and customer shift are all critical,” said Mr Miller. 

Outlining steps to achieve this goal demonstrates Adbri's commitment to the environment and the Paris Climate Agreement. For those wishing to know more, click the link here