Published -- AS 3582.4:2022 Supplementary cementitious materials Part 4: Pozzolans

11th February 2022

AS 3582.4:2022 Supplementary cementitious materials Part 4: Pozzolans

Late 2019, the Australasian Pozzolan Association received approval from Standards Australia to develop a new Standard through the Committee BD-031, Supplementary Cementitious Materials. This new Standard, Supplementary Cementitious Materials Part 4: Pozzolans – Manufactured, will be complimentary to the existing series AS 3582 Part 1: Fly ash, Part 2: Slag—Ground granulated blast-furnace and Part 3: Amorphous silica.  The Standard uses a similar structure.

Objectives in creating this Standard relate to encouraging resource efficiency, that is, to facilitate the beneficial use of manufactured pozzolans as mineral resources within a modern circular economy, using well-defined standards to provide market confidence in the resource use.  Whilst natural pozzolans sources are well understood, there is an emerging class of manufactured pozzolans arising from various non-metallurgical and mineral processing industries which warrants greater attention given ‘Circular Economy’ drivers to maximise mineral resource use.

The standard development process considered, where appropriate, existing international, national and relevant standards, coupled with publicly published research and extensive testing program of the Australasian Pozzolan Association.  In summary, the new Standard is expected to include new classes of materials, definitions, sources, specified requirements, testing methods and product conformity requirements in the normative section.

In just over 24 months AS3582.4:2022 was published today! Our thanks to all involved in BD-031 Committee. Want a copy? Visit Standards Australia