Adbri Limited Awards Their CEO With A New Title: CEO And Managing Director

20th October 2021
  • APozA member Adbri Limited has appointed CEO, Mr Nick Miller to CEO and Managing Director as a strategic decision to take Adbri to the ‘next level’.

Adbri said in a statement to the public that Mr Miller has worked alongside the board of directors for many years, demonstrating his dedication to the company and the united business strategy. In a recent LinkedIn post, Adbri commented, “The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Nick Miller, Adbri's Chief Executive Officer, to the Board as Managing Director and CEO, with effect from 5 October 2021,” they said. 

Since his appointment in 2019, Mr Miller has navigated Adbri through many unforeseeable challenges and has made the company stronger. Adbri Chairman, Mr Raymond Barro, showed his support of the new appointment stating, “Mr Miller has demonstrated strong leadership as CEO, developing and overseeing execution of Adbri’s long-term growth strategy. He has also astutely guided the business through unprecedented operating challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. 

Along with his new title and appointment to the Board, Mr Miller has also received a generous adjustment to his rewards package. Mr Barro continued, “Mr Miller’s appointment to the Board and the adjustment to his rewards package will provide continuity and greater certainty for our shareholders in a rapidly changing environment. The Board looks forward to continuing to work closely with Nick and the executive team in the delivery of that vision to build a more sustainable and competitive business, driving returns for shareholders over the long-term,” he said. 

Mr Barro said in a public statement that the rewards package grant ensures further business development. "It acts as both an incentive package for Mr Miller to continue the transformation and growth agenda for the company, as well as a retention incentive which provides our shareholders with greater certainty in a rapidly changing industry and a highly competitive executive market,” he said. The rewards package is currently set at $1,524,000 but will be under review in the coming months.

Intending to retain a highly effective and majority independent board, Adbri says this adjustment is necessary but also deserved. Adbri, in leadership with Mr Miller and its committed board of directors, is set up for a successful future. 

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