Industrial Synergy Improves With New Lithium Processing Plant

The Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA), an asset of the Kwinana Industries Council (partner of APozA Member, Tianqi Lithium) is known for being one of the best examples of industrial symbiosis in the world. Multiple companies participate in synergy exchanges, leading to industrial symbiosis, whereby a cluster of industries have many exchanges simultaneously that are continuously occurring.

Exchanges between companies grow over time as more businesses move into the area. Not only is this good for the industry, but it also benefits the environment as one company’s waste becomes the input for another. In other words, the by-product is no longer a waste needing to be disposed of to the environment, incorporating the principles of the circular economy. Further value lies in the reduction in production costs which will increase relative competitiveness.

In the KIA all four types of synergy dimensions are accessible, making it a desirable location. These four types are:

  • Product/by-product synergy
  • Skilled workforce synergy
  • Support industries synergy
  • Governance synergy

Due to Kwinana’s success, a new wave of industry is heading to the area to set up their processing plants and take their place in the lithium battery value chain.

With the introduction of this new industry’s processing plants, Kwinana’s industrial synergy will be further developed in a variety of ways. Being located in Kwinana means fabrication, project management and human expertise sourced all in one area by experienced personnel. In addition to this, by-products produced as a result of the lithium extraction process (potassium, magnesium and calcium) will be recycled by surrounding companies and not stored in landfill. In adopting this practice, costs are dramatically reduced, and principles of the circular economy are being put into practice.

These innovative processes are one of the reasons why Kwinana is leading the way for industrial symbiosis. Follow the links to explore more information on Kwinana Industries Council and Tianqi Lithium.