APozA Partners With FBICRC

01st May 2020

Playing a leading role in innovation, expertise and supply of natural resources is Australia’s newly announced Future Battery Industries Cooperative Research Centre (FBICRC). In a collaboration with industry, researchers, governments and the community the future of renewable energy is growing rapidly. The CRC will drive Australia’s position in a global competitive market of next generation battery energy materials, storage technologies and systems.

As a partner in the FBICRC, the Australasian Pozzolan Association is excited to be at the forefront of the global battery revolution. With a growing demand for batteries, the development of industry expertise in targeted research projects is critical in optimising Australia’s economic, environmental and global opportunities.

The national Headquarters is in Perth, Western Australia and the calibre of projects will lead a six-year research and development program placing Australia in a unique position. The program will target all segments of the battery value chain and harness a circular economy approach from resources extraction, through processing, battery production, deployment and reuse/recycling.

The FBICRC has three interdependent streams:
- Industry Development
- Resources, Processing and Recycling
- Manufacturing, Testing and Deployment.

Within these streams there are five research themes. A full list of these themes to be developed in research projects can be found by clicking on each stream.