From Landfill to Cast Stone - Recycled Glass

09th April 2020

Overturning conventional methods and materials used in cast stone is the innovative industry leader Architectural Stone LLC. Sourcing sustainable alternatives to transform the construction industry, Architectural Stone LLC have manufactured a line of environmentally conscious cast stone products.  

The products feature one key component - waste glass.

In the United States, over 77% of post-consumer recycled glass goes to land fill annually. Glass is not biodegradable so landfill disposal is not a sustainable option. The solution? A newly invented SCM called Pozzotive® made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass.

Post-consumer glass can be taken from sources such as bottle redemption points, curb side pickups or businesses generating waste glass containers during daily operations. After collection, residues are washed away, and the glass is passed through a sieve to remove insoluble organic content. It is then crushed and reduced transforming into an extremely fine amorphous silicate powder. 

Freeing landfill space is one outcome of using the material, another is a high performance pozzolan that replaces 30% of Portland cement in cast stone.   

Reducing the portion of Portland cement simultaneously reduces the burning of fossil fuels and CO2 emitted during the products manufacture and post-production. Pozzotive® meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements, benefiting both the planet and project goals. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, concrete made with Pozzotive® is stronger, denser and more durable with lower permeability and diffusivity. It also has improved flowability, pumpability and workability.

Aside from concrete products, other uses for Pozzotive® include paints, coatings, adhesives, polymers, elastomers.

Architectural Stone LLC are expanding on their existing sustainable cast stone and limestone products by focusing on high-speed automated equipment to competitively manufacture veneers and pavers.