APozA Partners with SmartCrete CRC

30th April 2020

The Australasian Pozzolan Association is excited to announce we are partnering with the recently announced SmartCrete Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)  to advance opportunities in the cement and concrete product markets.

SmartCrete CRC is a collaboration of asset owners, industry, small-medium enterprises, the supply chain and academic community which will work to step change the Australian concrete industry. SmartCrete will implement four key enablers for industry competitiveness; (1) an innovation interface with regulators/standards bodies, (2) skills and training development, (3) risk mitigation performance testing and (4) new products and processes across Australia.

As an active partner in the CRC, the Association will collaborate with industry partners, government, end users and academic researchers to establish innovative, purpose driven projects that move beyond the laboratory into industrial scale.

With our members support we are contributing to the development of targeted research which will enable a deeper understanding and further representation of the beneficial use of natural and manufactured pozzolans.

SmartCrete CRC has three (3) thematic areas, Program 1 - Engineering Solutions, Program 2 – Asset Management and Program 3 - Sustainability, Environmental and Disposal.

The research projects of interest are in the following areas:

Engineering solutions

- accelerated standards development for innovation
- new materials for concrete durability
- construction and maintenance processes

Sustainability, environmental and disposal
- circular economy
- specification for new improved performance materials
- supply chain optimisation
- supply chain quantification
- reduction of carbon footprint

The Association has highlighted the specific projects within these topics that are of interest in the PDF below.