Lithium Production Residues – New SCM Development

A technical paper following BCRC’s comprehensive testing program indicates lithium residues have good pozzolanic activity and meet acceptable performance requirements for use in typical concretes and as a Supplementary Cementitious Material for use in both domestic and structural concretes.

As there are currently no Australian Standards applicable to pozzolans, two new Tianqi lithium residue products; neutralised residue Tianqi Alumina Silicate (TAS) and non-neutralised residue (TAS Ca) have participated in the testing to comply with current AS 3582.1 and ASTM C618. The comparison with fly ash was made for the purpose of assessing the two lithium residue products against a relevant Australian Standard, whilst participating in the development of Australian Standards for natural and processed pozzolans.

Both TAS Ca and TAS lithium residue products were assessed for their basic properties and performances and drew the following conclusion:

Both TAS Ca and TAS lithium residue products showed good pozzolanic activity with positive effects on fresh and hardened concrete properties indicating potential use in GP cement, or fly ash replacement in concrete mixes. Both TAS and TAS Ca lithium residues highlighted potential use as SCM concrete having improved strength, serviceability and durability compared with good quality fly ash. In addition, the TAS products successfully mitigate ASR expansion, reduce sportively, reduce chloride diffusion and reduce depth of carbonation.

Introduction of TAS to the concrete market will be supported by further testing of concrete properties and improvement of TAS characteristics. Applications and uses for lithium residues are increasing and are not limited to traditional concrete applications. Additional testing is underway, assessing potential use with products that depend on the hydraulic binders with pozzolanic properties.

View the technical paper here.